01 November 2011

Why We Should Use Parent and Child Table to Make a Journal Entry Form

There are several ways to create a table for recording transaction journal. Several software developers like to make a table that contains all the required fields in a single table of the journal, some other divide the table in 2 parts: the parent table and the child table. In essence, these two types of tables will give the same results. But in the process they are different.

Journal transaction that is created with a single table will be easier in the process of the reporting, but from the data entry view, it will be a little inconvenient. Why is that? Yes, because the person who is entering data in the field is not the person who mastered in using technology. Those at the clerical level are the people directly involved in the process of checking the validity of documents, verification, until the transaction authorization, which is usually done manually. They do not care about the programming matters. What they know is that the transaction should be recorded as soon as possible to avoid queues/stacking document.

Journal of transactions that is made ​​using two tables, parent and child, practically will be easier and faster to use, while in making the report, it is a little more complicated than a single table. In this case, I prefer to keep a journal of transactions with two tables, why? I have experienced a situation when I need to enter transactions in amounts that must be entered into the accounting software application as soon as possible. However, because I have to enter a lot of data items that are actually the same, but repeatedly inputted, eventually forced overtime. Another thing I am taken into consideration is the technological advance that allows programmers to create applications quickly, shortly said, we just need to drag and drop the required fields in a form, then write a specific function to run it, finished. In this case, I say thank you to the founders of software that have made a variety of programming functions become much more easier as compared with 15 years ago.

We have created tables for open and permanent transaction journal as described in Create Tables in MS Access - Transaction Table. We also have created form for Open Transaction Journal Entry. Next step is modifying the format and adding some necessary functions in the form.

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