17 September 2011

Create a Form Using Blank Form

If you want to create a form based on your own customized style, then you can create it by using Blank Form. MS Access  give much more flexibility on using Blank Form in designing a form. To create a form using Blank Form, do the following steps:
  1. Click Create tab, on the Forms group click Blank Form icon. Access will display a blank form viewed in Layout View and Field List on the right.
  2. Choose tblDerivativeAccount1 in the Field List. Point the mouse to the field DerivCode1. To put this field into the Layout View of the blank form, double click this field or drag it into the blank form. Do the same thing for field DerivName1.
  3. Save first you blank form with the name frmDerivativeAccount1.
  4. To arrange the layout, click Arrange tab. You can arrange individual field layout by clicking the layout control depicted below and clicking the Remove icon in the Control Layout group
  5. Click Format tab, and choose or click Title icon in the Controls group. Give the form title "Chart of Account - Derivative Account 1".
  6. Click Date and Time icon in the Controls group to add date and time inside the form.
  7. To apply AutoFormat using AutoFormat1, choose more in the AutoFormat group and click AutoFormat Wizard....Choose AutoFormat1 and click OK. The form frmDerivativeAccount1 should have the same format with form frmMainAccount now and will look like this:

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