21 September 2011

Enter Record In the Tables Using Form

After knowing how to create table and form in MS Access, the next step is create query and report. Before doing that, you have to enter record in each table, especially master tables in the form we have created. To enter such records, make sure that you have add additional control, depicted below, on each form (put the on Form Header). If not yet, please read Control the Form Using Module and follow the steps provided there.

As the examples, enter the records below to the related table using related form.
Table: tblMainAccount         Form: frmMainAccount
Account Code Account Name Group
111 Bank of International A Assets
112 Bank of Royal Assets
113 Citybank Assets
114 Time Deposit - Local Currency Assets
115 Time Deposit - Euro Currency Assets
116 Time Deposit - USD Currency Assets
211 Account Rec Assets
212 Account Rec Other Assets
213 Employee Advance Assets
221 Inventories Assets
222 Inventory Consignment Assets
231 Prepaid Tax Assets
251 Prepaid Expense Assets
311 Building Assets
312 Vehicle Assets
313 Computer Equipment Assets
314 Office Equipment Assets
321 Accum Depr Building Assets
322 Accum Depr Vehicle Assets
323 Accum Depr Computer Equipment Assets
325 Accum Depr Office Equipment Assets
331 Construction in Progress Assets
411 Account Payable Liabilities
412 Account Payable Tax Liabilities
413 Income Tax Personal Liabilities
414 Income Tax Corporate Liabilities
415 Account Payable Other Liabilities
421 Accrued Expense Liabilities
422 Dividend Payable Liabilities
431 Unearned Revenue Liabilities
510 Long-term Liability - Bank of Commerce Liabilities
610 Preferred Stock Equities
620 Common Stock Equities
630 Paid in Capital Equities
640 Capital Reserve Equities
650 Retained Earning - Last Year Balance Equities
651 Retained Earning - Current Balance Equities
710 Sales Revenues
711 Sales Discount Revenues
712 Sales Return Revenues
713 Sales Others Revenues
810 Salary Expenses
811 Wages Expenses
812 Overtime Expenses
813 Meal Allowance Expenses
814 Transport Allowance Expenses
815 Medical Allowance Expenses
816 Housing Allowance Expenses
817 Social Security Allowance Expenses
818 Bonus Expenses
819 Tax Allowance Expenses
820 Training Expenses
821 Telephone - Cellular  Expenses
822 Telephone - PSTN Expenses
823 Internet Expenses
824 Electricity Expenses
825 Office Supplies Expenses
826 Stamp Duty Expenses
827 Expedition Expenses
828 Transport and Accommodation Expenses
829 Fuel Expenses
830 Parking/Toll/Retribution Expenses
831 Rent - Vehicle Expenses
832 Rent - Building Expenses
833 Insurance Expenses
834 Depr. Building Expenses
835 Depr. Computer Equip. Expenses
836 Depr. Vehicle Expenses
837 Depr Office Equip Expenses
838 Repair Maintenance - Vehicle Expenses
839 Repair Maintenance - Building Expenses
840 Repair Maintenance - Office Equipment Expenses
841 Repair Maintenance - Computer Equipment Expenses
842 Newspaper/Magazine Expenses
843 Professional Service/Consultant Fee Expenses
844 Custom Fee Expenses
845 Tax Expense Expenses
846 Promotion Expense Expenses
847 Advertising Expense Expenses
848 Sales Commission Expenses
849 Interest Income Revenues
850 FX Gain Revenues
851 Other Income Revenues
852 Bank Charges Expenses
853 Interest Charges Expenses
854 FX Loss Expenses
855 Profit on Fixed Assets Disposal Revenues
856 Loss on Fixed Assets Disposal Expenses

Table: tblDerivativeAccount1         Form: frmDerivativeAccount1
DerivCode2 DeriveName1 Remark
A00 Corporate
A00 President Director Office
A10 Corporate Secretary
B00 Marketing Director
B10 Sales Department
B20 Marketing Research
C00 Operations Director
C10 Product Develop Department
C20 Product Support Deparment
D00 General and Finance Director
D10 Finance Department
D20 Controller Department
D30 Human Resource Department
D40 General Affairs Department

Table: tblDerivativeAccount1         Form: frmDerivativeAccount2
DerivCode1 DeriveName1 Remark
C01 Advert Co. Creditor
C02 Fin the Trade Creditor
C03 Gilendy's Books Creditor
D01 Bin Corp Debtor
D02 Japan Mobile Corp Debtor
D03 Mount Water Debtor
E01 Ricky Stephen Employee
E02 Carol Bernadette Employee
E03 Sullivan Employee
T01 Income Tax - Personal Tax
T02 Income Tax - Corporate Tax
T03 Property Tax Tax
P01 Product 1 Product
P02 Product 2 Product

Table: tblJournalType         Form: frmJournalType
Journal Type Journal Name
AD Adjustment Journal
AP Account Payable Journal
AR Account Receivable Journal
BP Bank Payment Journal
BR Bank Receipt Journal
CL Closing Journal
CP Cash Payment Journal
CR Cash Receipt Journal
FA Fixed Asset Journal
GN General Journal
IV Inventory Journal
PY Payroll Journal

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