21 September 2011

Create a Report Using Report Button

Report button in Create tab - Report groups can be used to create a basic report on the data in the current table or query, to which you can add features such as groups or totals. It is very easy to apply. Point your mouse to the table the report you want to create, and click Report button. Finish.

After finish creating report, what you need to do is adjust the necessary properties and field included. We will use the table tblMainAccount as an example. Just point your mouse to the table tblMainAccount and click Report button. The report will look like this (displayed in Layout View):

Now, do the following steps:
  1. Switch the report to Design View
  2. You may change the Logo with yours, or you can delete that (Properties
    Name: Auto_Logo0)
  3. Go to Form properties and change Caption to "Chart of Account -Main
  4. Go to Auto_Title0 properties and change Name to "Chart of Account -Main
    Account". Adjust the width as necessary.
  5. Reorder the detail lay out:
    • before: AccountCode - AccountName - GroupName
    • after: GroupName - AccountName - AccountCode
  6. Go to GroupName properties and change the following properties:
    • Hide Duplicates = Yes
    • Can Grow = No
    • Can Shrink = No
  7. Adjust the border on the Page Header and Detail as follow:
    • Border Style = Solid
    • Border Width = Hairline
  8. Save the report to rptMainAccount. When open in Print Preview, the
    report will look like this:


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